Tea in the Desert

Hong Kong Wedding Proposal – Tea in the Desert

Hong Kong Wedding Proposal – Tea in the Desert

Exotic and highly sensorial Hong Kong Wedding Proposal

For highly sensorial Hong Kong Wedding Proposal, choose a profusion of souk-inspired aromas and colors. Be captivated by the tones of the sun setting over the desert, all weaved into fabrics and carpets.
Propose to your partner immersed in this mystic atmosphere of scent of spices, shiny lanterns and gilded tea arrays. Celebrate with a bottle of chilled Champagne and a bowl of delicious strawberries lying on tons of beautifully sewn Berber pillows.
Everything will be set up at your arrival, just waiting for you to pop the faithful question and enjoy the lovely atmosphere.


  • This type of package performs at its best in a quiet and isolated environment far from a crowd. Our staff will help you choose the perfect spot for your beach marriage proposal, including spots located in less popular beaches in order to give you some privacy.
  • It can be arranged in gardens and public parks as well.
  • This setting includes: plenty of blankets, pillows, candles, flowers and small furniture decoration, a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne along with two glasses and a bowl of strawberries
  • It can be performed with either photographer and/or videographer.
  • We will take care of the placing and removing at your leaving.
  • Price on request.

Add some sparkle to your proposal idea with your choice of upgrades: price on request

  • 2 Framed Photo of your choice
  • Professional Musician ( it requires at least two weeks notice for the permits)
  • Flower Bouquet of your choice
  • One gourmet picnic basket (fully equipped with crockery and cutlery). Food and beverage included for 2 people
  • Romantic personalized cupcakes
  • Extra Moët & Chandon Champagne bottle
  • Luxury car rent

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