Creative Hong Kong Marriage Proposal

Tailor-made creative Hong Kong Marriage Proposal

100% customized creative Hong Kong Marriage Proposal

Like a tailor, A 1000 times Yes, invents fashions and modifies ideas and projects to give shape to your perfect and creative Hong Kong Marriage Proposal.

Since each story is extraordinary and exceptional, our first attempt will be to get to know you and, through your eyes, your beloved.
Throught a very simple but effective questionnaire, we will be able to define your personality and the main features of your love story. This will lead us to understand what might be the most meaningful Proposal for your couple. According to the budget that you indicated on the questionnaire, we will present you some different Proposal sketches. Following your preferences, together we will define the best suitable option.

Thanks to our long-termed research, we involve only the best vendors and venues to guarantee high quality and fair rate. Every little detail will rely on us: contacting, booking and negotiating. From now on you just have to focus on other priorities, such as outlining your Proposal speech, or choosing the ring she was dreaming about.

We will take care of everything to make this experience hassle-free.

Our Tailor-made marriage Proposals are 100% customizable. That means that you can choose where it has to take place. It can be your home, a fancy restaurant, a hotel room, a venue or any public place. We can build it around a peculiarity important for you two, a theme you both are crazy about, or something she has always dreamt of. It can be very private and intimate, or share it with your relatives and friends.

Either you already have some ideas for your proposal, or you are looking for inspirations, or you just need further information, feel free to contact us.

We are happy to answer all your questions and curiosity about proposing in Hong Kong.

Featured Tailor-made Hong Kong Marriage Proposals:

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