Ready to go Hong Kong romantic Marriage Proposal

Hong Kong Romantic Marriage Proposal packages

Are you looking for a Hong Kong romantic Marriage Proposal? For the perfect way to propose to Her in a very unique and special way? A 1000 times Yes is Your personal Proposal planner in Hong Kong.
We are here to boost your ideas, to catch all the aspects that make your story unique. A 1000 times Yes will shape the one-of-a-kind Proposal that she will remember for the rest of her life.
Take the hassle out of this special occasion!

These are our Ready To Go, “stress-free” packages: you will have all the details arranged for this memorable moment, we will have everything set up for You, so that at your arrival every little thing will be ready, just waiting for you to pop the fateful question.

These predesigned solutions are all characterized by our hallmark and exclusiviness, finished in every little particular, with a touch of luxury for Your engagement. Plus, they all come with the option of the hidden and discreet photographer, cause we know how important it is to have this occasion crystallised by a professionalist!

These Packages can be customized for any request you might have. Either in a intimate and private environment, or surrounded by your friends and relatives, we will arrange the Proposal You were dreaming of. Need to add some musical background or a fancy touch? Just ask us and we will manage it for You. Anything to make Your Proposal the Perfect One.
Propose to her raising your glasses with the sound of the waves, or watching the sun dip below the horizon, having a romantic picnic on a beach, or in a vibrant atmosphere especially made up at your place.
Let us inspire you with these predesigned packages.

Hong Kong Romantic Marriage Proposal packages

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