Proposal Photographer in Hong Kong and Macau

Hire your Proposal Photographer in Hong Kong and Macau

A professional Proposal Photographer is what you need!

A professional Marriage Proposal photographer is what you need if you want your sweetest memories last forever.

Proposing is a once-in-a-life-time issue. You will be too nervous and she will be overwhelmed and shocked to remember exactly how the proposal ran. Having a Proposal Photographer ready to capture this unique moment is not only important; it is essential, if you want really beautiful photos to treasure forever.

A 1000 times Yes provides only skilled and trained Proposal Photographers.

Nobody, especially the proposer, feels comfortable in front of cameras. In a such delicate moment you have to focus only on your main purpose: to pop the question.

Our Proposal Photographer will be hidden at first, capturing discreetly the whole proposal, making sure to not miss any details and without compromising the spontaneity of the sweet event.

At the same time, the “like” issue on Social Networks is something to keep well in mind arranging your romantic engagement. Do you really believe she is not going to share this happy moment on her page? A beautiful and eye-catching picture is exactly what she is longing for to tell the world that you just popped the question.

Proposal Photographer Service: How it works

Our Photographer will suggest you some spots suitable for the type of the proposal you have in mind.
You will receive maps and detailed directions to get to the venue. In case you request, you can also have a site inspection.

The standard service lasts 1 hour, unless your proposal idea requests more.
On the day of your proposal, your photographer will be ready at the agreed location 30 minutes in advance. During the first part, the photographer will be hidden, capturing discreetly the very moment of your arrival, the going down on your knee and eventually, the faithful Yes. A professional, romantic photo shooting will follow.

On request, you can add as many locations as you wish.

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