Pavilion Proposal Hong Kong

Pavilion Proposal Hong Kong

Super Romantic Proposal in HK: Hong Kong Pavilion Proposal

A 1000 Times Yes Fairy-tales Pavilion: Hong Kong Pavilion Proposal

Hong Kong Pavilion Proposal is something simple, yet effective and surprising, with a high factor of romanticism. With our hallmarking taste that distinguishes each of our Proposals, we will prepare a super romantic Pavilion for you to Propose. Imagine a lovely park, by night, taking advance of the wonderful moon that was all for them that evening: a Pavilion will be made up with a galore of candles and string lights and a Marquee sign saying WILL YOU MARRY ME. Add a photoshooting (and or a video recording) rich with lights, candles, petals, and the results is unforgettably romantic.
As usual, a bottle of Champagne cannot be missed, along with a couple of glasses and a bowl of delicious strawberries!
Everything will be set up at your arrival, just waiting for you to pop the question and enjoy the atmosphere.


  • It can be performed with either Photographer and/or Videographer service.
  • Price on request.
  • This setting includes: a galore of candles and starry string lights, a Marquee sign with MARRY ME, a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne along with two glasses and a bowl of strawberries or chocolates. Plus red roses Petals will be spread all over for a super romantic and luxury touch.
  • We will take care of the arrangement of the venue before you arrival and tidying up after your leaving.


Add some sparkle to your proposal idea with your choice of upgrades:

  • Flower Bouquet of you choice
  • I-pad video projection
  • Photos of you placed along the setting
  • Customized romantic cupcakes
  • extra Moët & Chandon Champagne bottle
  • Professional Musician (it requires a tleaste 2 weeks notice for the permits allowance)
  • Luxury car rent

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