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Best HK Hotel Proposals

Best HK Hotel Proposals are A 1000 times Yes Proposals. Hong Kong has some of the best hotels in the world. So why not taking advanced of this characteristic and organising your Proposal in a fancy Hotel, with a 5 stars service and maybe the HK skyline at your feet?

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Parissiene Serenade Proposal

Parissien Serenade Proposal: a romantic Proposal under the Eiffel Tower. This lovely couple came from Hong Kong to enjoy a romantic weekend, despite the typhoon, in Macau. A 1000 times Yes organised bespoke Proposal in Hong Kong and Macau

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5 stars Hotel Romantic Wedding Proposal

5 stars Hotel Romantic Wedding Proposal: A 1000 times Yes provide a 5 stars service and a high quality care in every aspect of the Proposal. A 1000 times Yes not only provides decorations, the assistance before and during the Proposal, we also provide consultations for Hotels and Venues.

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Hong Kong Unique Romantic Proposals

Hong Kong Unique Romantic Proposals: A 1000 times Yes Marriage Proposal Planner. Every Love story and every couple is Unique to us as every lover is to his/her half. Unique means built on you, on your taste, on your expectations. That is what Unique means for us. 

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Harbour view Proposal Hong Kong

Harbour view Proposal Hong Kong: There is nothing like sipping Champagne, staring at that amazing show that is the Victoria Harbour Skyline. Hong Kong Harbour will witness your true Love, and surround you both with its sparkle and magic!

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HK from the Top View Proposal

HK from the Top View Proposal. Sometimes, not many words are needed: when you have the perfect location, and your perfect Loved one beside you, there is not much else to make you happy. Look at Magda and Michele’s expression and tell us if we made our job well!

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Hotel Suite Romantic Surprise

Hotel Suite Romantic Surprise: this former client of us, contacted us to celebrate his wife’s Birthday in a special way, and this is what we prepared for them…
Birthday, Anniversary, a special occasion .. Just think of an excuse to surprise him/her and we will arrange every details!

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Choosing the right Proposal style for Her

Choosing the right Proposal style for Her: considering her personality and her interests might be essential in creating the perfect atmosphere. Our Ready-to-go Packages are several and various, so you have a wide range of vibes that you can draw from, but we can also 100% taylor-made on her passions and based on your love story to make it exclusive and one of a kind.

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Romantic Proposal in Hong Kong Pavilion

Romantic Proposal in Hong Kong Pavilion. The Pavilion Proposal is a fairy-tale Marriage Proposal: if she is super romantic and maybe a little bit shy and introvert, this is the right one for her. The moon was shining at their back and no one was around to disturb their love-bubble!

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Promenade Of Love: Hong Kong Luxury Proposal

Promenade Of Love: Hong Kong Luxury Proposal. Pouya and Shery’s Promenade of Love Hong Kong Luxury Proposal is one of the most stunning and romantic Proposal featured in our beautiful city. A 1000 times Yes stresses much importance on values such as Originality and Creativity in a Proposal creation process.

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Tips for Proposing

Tips for Proposing. Well here are Our tips that, either you are planning to DIY your Proposal or you are leaning on to some professional planner for it, we think they will come handy and useful

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Tips for your Proposal

Tips for your Proposal. About to Propose? So you should know which are the secrets for a successful Proposal. In other words, which are the most important things you could thing of for your proposal.

Hong Kong Hotel Room Proposal

Hong Kong Hotel Room Bower of Bliss

Hong Kong Hotel Room Bower of Bliss. What is more romantic than proposing in your Hotel Room, all lighten up in candle lights and covered up by red roses Petals? Add a bottle of Champagne and the Hong Kong skyline behind you, and the picture is just perfect!

They say about us

Comments and reviews on A 1000 times Yes Proposals. Some of the comments that we received from our clients following the Proposal events.

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Despite the Typhoon-Proposal

Despite the Typhoon – Hong Kong Proposal: A Promenade of Love that defeated a T8. That night a T8 was approaching HK but, once we assured that it was safe to proceed, we hosted the event and this couple was more than glad that we made it!

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Propose with flowers

Propose with flowers. How many roses to say “Will you marry me?” ? We all know that flowers represents a secret language by itself, but how many of us know that also the number of roses has an exact meaning?

Hong Kong Skyline Proposal

Tourists proposing in Hong Kong

Tourists proposing in Hong Kong: A 1000 times Yes Proposal Planners for tourists proposing in Hong Kong. This is a unique city, Proposing here would definitely be unforgettable, but moving around here is not as easy as you might think.

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Beachfront Cinema

Romantic Proposal in Hong Kong: Beachfront Cinema Proposal. David contacted us with one big priority: he had prepared a sweet video to show to his Love, we manage at creating for him a special and unique Proposal

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Why proposing in Hong Kong?

If You were thinking about proposing during a romantic trip, why not proposing in Hong Kong?! Either for a short vacation or for a special occasion such as a Marriage Proposal, Hong Kong can easily competes with established Capitals of love such as Paris or New York.

Hong Kong Skyline Proposa;

Hong Kong Skyline Proposal

Johnny and Serena’s Promenade of Love: Hong Kong Skyline Proposal. Hong Kong has one of the best, if not the best, skyline in the world; so it would be just a pity not to take advantage of it. This is what we had in mind when we first designed our Promenade of Love, and this must be what had in mind Johnny when asked us to arrange his Proposal for his sweet Serena.