The Marriage Proposal Idea Company Helping Hong Kong Say Yes

A mix of passion for love, beauty-obsession, creativity mindset and entrepreneurial spirit of two Italian friends who aspire to fill others’ lives with Love. A 1000 Times Yes is based in Hong Kong so our pre-designed proposal ideas are conceived for this surrounding and life-style, while our customized proposals may be staged wherever a sparkle of romance is needed throughout Asia.


Who can our proposal company help?

Either Hongkongers, expats living in Asia, or tourists visiting this vibrant side of the world, our proposal company’s customers are, above all, people in love who want to surprise and astonish their beloved partners making them live a unique experience.


In a life too often lived in rush and distress, our customers are aware of the importance of living out a single sparkling and tender moment that will remain indelible for ever.


Our different and romantic marriage proposal ideas

A 1000 Times Yes is your personal proposal planner. We are here to enhance your ideas, to bring together all the aspects that make your story unique, to shape the one-of-a-kind proposal that she will remember for the rest of her life.


Based on your preferences, through attentive research and accurate information gathering, we can build the ideal day for you and your partner. Our proposal planners can provide two different kinds of package designed to perfectly fit everyone’s tastes:


    • Tailor-made: , through attentive research and information gathering we will present to the customer several different Proposal ideas . Following his preferences, together we will define the best suitable option, 100% customized, entirely built on his wishes and expectations.


  • Ready to go: , pre-designed setup packages, quick to organize, intensely emotional. They still can be customized to meet the customer’s taste.


Our creative service will melt her heart and induce her to say yes, ultimately making you save time and money. Get in touch today to learn how we can make the beginning of the next step of your life unforgettable.

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